Equine Law – Health And Safety Requirements When Running A Stable

Health and Safety legislation is now firmlyin place on the statute book, and affects businesses of all kinds. If you run a riding stable or other horse-related business then it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with health and safety legislation.

Being familiar and up to date with the latest health and safety requirements is very important, because instances of non-compliance can result in quite substantial fines and a persistent failure to comply with routine, general requirements may result in the Health and Safety Executive undertaking a formal investigation or inspection, which can be intrusive and disruptive to business. Occasionally, directors of companies can be held criminally liable for any major breaches of health and safety legislation.

First aid and recording injuries
Under The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 all employers, regardless of the size of their work force are required to have on site adequate first aid facilities for dealing with injuries sustained by employees and members of the public. Any accidents which result in a first aid intervention must be recorded in the business’ accident book.

Reporting accidents
As well as recording any injuries in the business’ accident book, under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (‘RIDDOR’) organisations including businesses have a statutory duty to report certain types of accidents and injuries to the Health and Safety Executive. These include: breaks and fractures, dislocation of hip or shoulder joint, loss of consciousness caused by ingesting harmful substances or choking, and an injury caused by electrical shocks or chemical burns.

Any accident which results in a member of the public being taken to hospital must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive in order to comply with the requirements of RIDDOR. A report can be filed online at the Health and Safety Executive Website or by calling the national Incident Control Centre on 0845 300 99 23.

Public liability insurance
The Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance ) Act 1969 states that all businesses that employ people on any kind of basis are required by law to have employers liability insurance. This law is intended to protect employees from employers who are reckless or negligent when it comes to protecting their health or safety and who would not otherwise have the resources to pay compensation to an employee who is injured as a result of the employer’s bad practice.

The minimum amount of cover which all employers are required to have, regardless of the number of employees is 5 million although in practice many insurance companies offer a minimum insured amount of 10 million. This may sound like a lot, but in injury claims, particularly where the claimant is left disabled or unable to return to work can be extremely expensive because compensation will be calculated to include lost earnings over the rest of the claimant’s working life

Undertaking a health and safety risk assessment
Businesses are legally required to carry out periodic risk assessments to identify potential hazards in the workplace and to consider what improvements could be made in order to manage those hazards and reduce the risk of injury to members of staff and visitors to the premises.

Whilst undertaking a risk assessment may appear onerous, in the event that a member of staff or member of the public is injured and takes legal action against your business, a comprehensive health and safety assessment and risk management plan can help you to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable precautions to avoid causing injury.

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Homemade Skin Care Solutions

Did you know you don’t have to pay beauty shop prices to look your best?  In fact, there are many beautifying essentials right in your own home!

The beauty industry is definitely a highly profitable market.  Judging by the selection and the price tag, consumers can transform themselves into their ultimate picture of perfection.  That is, of-course, as long as they can afford it.

Saving money on skin and beauty care products is not the only reason you should try the do-it-yourself approach.  When you mix your own ingredients, it eliminates the guessing game about what exactly you are putting on your skin.  Many natural based skin and hair care products also contain synthetic ingredients that may not react well with your skin.  

Synthetic products often add scents, dyes and other ingredients to make the product more appealing on a sensory level.  The end result, you’re covering yourself with things you don’t need.  And of-course, you’re paying for the privilege of gooping up your skin.  

Simple homemade beauty solutions are all around you.  

Create your own skin refining mask with egg whites.  It’s completely natural, will tighten your pores and leave you with smooth and refreshed skin.  Oatmeal is a great moisturizer for dry, itchy skin.  Mix a little with water for a soothing facial, or refine some in a mini-chopper of food processor to add to your bath for dry skin relief.  

Quick fixes are not the only thing you can do at home.  Many ingredients are available online or at health stores to make your own shampoos, soaps and lotions.  Glycerins are great for soaps and washes, while lemon juice is a natural hair lightener.  Finding recipes is a simple as an internet search, since making your own beauty products is quickly becoming the cost conscious method for today’s consumer.

Making your own beauty products is a fantastic solution for people with allergies or sensitive skin, as it allows the consumer to control exactly what they come in contact with.  It’s also a great way to pamper yourself and your skin, while saving money and still looking your best.

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Deepening The Reform Of Shanxi Medical Advice Through The Implementation Of Primary Health Care

April 27 afternoon, the provincial deputy secretary of the provincial governor Wang Jun, hosted the 61st executive meeting of the deployment of further deepening of our province Medicine Health system and the corresponding reconstruction work in Sichuan Maoxian County, in principle, through “on the primary health system reform and implementation of comprehensive views of (Trial).” Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Governor Li Xiaopeng, vice governor Zhang Ping, Liu Weijia, Jian-Xin Zhang, attended.

Noted that medical and health care reform to promote the development of the CPC Central Committee, State Council, starting from the economic and social development to make the strategic decision that the immediate interests of the people and the great masses of the people’s livelihood projects. This work has been carried out, in accordance with the relevant departments at all levels of decision-making central deployment and provincial government’s work, strengthen organization and leadership, to develop implementation plans, complete set of measures to reinforce efforts to promote progress has been made.

Meeting stressed that all departments at all levels should fully understand the medical and health system reform to deepen the significance of the work of medical reform and further strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility. To sum up experiences, identify gaps, clearly recognized the enormity of this task, complexity, and ensure timely completion of medical and health system work. To clear objectives and tasks, persons to be responsible inverted schedule, coordinating the work of advancing. To strengthen leadership, guidance, study and solve the reform process in the new situations and new problems. To grasp the strength and orderly progress, it is necessary to do a solid job all the health care reform but also to effectively maintain social stability and harmony. To gather intelligence, brainstorming, extensively solicit the views of all sectors of society and proposals, revise and improve the implementation as soon as possible the views and measures. To entire areas from point to area, both from the surface of overall progress, and also to seek a breakthrough from the point and found that the typical gain experience, to promote the work of medical reform actively and steadily push forward.

Meeting that Mao County, Sichuan province counterpart support reconstruction work in the Provincial Party Committee under the unified arrangements through the joint efforts of all parties concerned, push forward, Maoxian urban and rural residential housing, Education , Sanitation, rural roads through radio TV Such a large number of livelihood projects have been put into operation, and other construction projects are speeding up construction, reconstruction and the people live and work in Maoxian made a positive contribution. This year, the province approved the country according to the restoration and reconstruction planning, through focused and people’s livelihood, the principle of priority, scientific and reasonable arrangement starts third project, a clear way of various projects of reconstruction, implementation time, target responsibility to ensure that the “three basically completed the task two years “to the State Council and Maoxian people turn in a satisfactory.

Meeting discussed and adopted the “Shanxi Sports Facilities Ordinance (Revised Draft)” and decided to draw the Provincial Standing Committee. The meeting also approved land for construction of some of the issues.

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Horse Racing Tips for Beginners – The Sportsman

For many of us (in fact half the adult population) having a bet on the Grand National is about the extent of betting on horseracing but what about if you fancy taking a jump into this jargon fuelled minefield? There is no question that being a beginner in horseracing betting is very daunting indeed as there are so many imponderables: the going, the draw, the handicap and, of course, the trip.

As with most jargon the reality is far less complicated than most would have you believe and for some reason the seasoned pro often sneers at the beginner which does little to encourage the novice. So let’s explain some of these important factors.

The Going: this refers to the state of the ground that the horse will actually run on and is arguable the most important single factor. Picture yourself running on sand, tarmac and grass – you will clock a very different time over the same distance on each type of ground this is the same for horses. Equally, if you challenged a friend of similar fitness you are likely to find that you are better on, say grass, and your friend is quicker on the sand. This is very true of horses, some love ‘some cut in the ground’ – softer ground – and others love to ‘hear their hooves rattle’ – firm ground. It really is as simple as that, you then have to found out which horses prefer which ground and make sure they are on their favoured surface before placing your bet.

The Draw: if you picture the starting stalls of a horse race, the draw is simply which stall they will come out of – this is NOT necessarily the same as their number on their side underneath their saddle. But what’s the big deal? On some racecourses whether you are drawn high or low can make an enormous difference to your stead’s chance. For example, Chester racecourse is very ‘tight track’ meaning the bends are very sharp – it is in fact like a circle – and therefore as you can guess it is generally favourable to be on the inside rather tan taking the long way round. Obvioulsy, the longer the distance of the race the less this factor will matter which brings us neatly on to ‘the trip’.

The Trip: this is simply the actual distance of the race – in horseracing, like in athletics, there are many different distances for races and, like in athletics those better at long distances are rarely as good at sprinting. For example, the Grand National is 4 miles and a half miles and the shortest distance is just five furlongs. Ah, ‘furlongs’, what is a furlong? A furlong is exactly 1/8th of a mile, so four furlongs is half a mile. Why do they still use furlongs in horse racing? Who knows!

The Handicap: a lot of horse races are handicaps and this is, for once, exactly as you would expect it to be. The best horse in the race will be given more weight to carry than the worst. The theory being that this will level up the chances of every horse but inevitably because of all the other factors discussed above this rarely happens. Nobody said horse race betting was easy but at east hope fully you are now armed with some basics to kick off with. Good luck!

Ed Pownall started working in the betting shops of Ladbrokes and then moved on to The Sporting Life before launching Blue Square until their £65m sale to the Rank Group before joining The Sportsman in 2006. Ed Pownall is the resident horseracing tips expert at The Sportsman

Equestrian Dressing With Comfort

Being with horses entails one to be always under the scorching heat of the sun, freezing cold of the rain and in constant communion with the smell of horse urine and dung. Many people, even celebrities who are used to the conveniences that theirs assistants and money provide at their beck and call, enjoy the nomadic-like life being with horses despite its unattractiveness.

Being with horses does not mean that one has to lead a dull social life and sport outdated fashion style. Because having a herd of horses has become a symbol of status, fashion designers have dressed the Royal family in their horse sporting careers and horse-related events. Many designers have fashioned gears and riding apparel that do not only make horses and horse riders fashionably attractive but comfortable in their attire with this course of event.

One of the most basic aspects where riders must meticulously pay attention to is their choice of footwear. Aside from protecting riders from injuries from related accidents, equestrian footwear protects their skin from coming in contact with the horses’ hair. Known brands such as Ariat, Tuffrider, Perri’s Leather and among others provide a wide array of boots depending on the events. In choosing boots, the style has to match the event and weather as many of the footwear nowadays are designed for specific riding events or purpose and weather.

Riding clothes on the other hand, from stretch to moisture wicking to sun protection must be designed to provide the most comfort and allow maximum mobility for body mechanics such that riders are not subjected to distractions such as unwanted exposure brought by torn pants or tops. Garments must be of superior quality and tailored to meet the riders’ nature of activities most importantly. With the increasing number of fashion designers who are into designing apparel for riders, their artwork have come to rival with those seen only in the runways donned by ramp models. As they are overly subjected to sun protection, our superior technology has come up with shirts and undergarments that provide maximum sun protection with long sleeves and most significantly, are added with 50 UPF sun protection rating.

Lotions capable of providing maximum sun protection should also be taken into consideration as constant sun exposure causes sunburns and wrinkles that contribute to skin aging. Waterproof lotions that last longer than ordinary ones are available in the market.

The relentlessness of fashion designers’ commitment to proving garments and apparel to horse enthusiast have continually allowed them to enjoy their passion and at the same time made them worthy to grace some of the fashion magazines covers.

As horses are the main subject why designers have come-up with such apparel, these animals deserve more than pampering. Giving them a comfortable home and horse waterer, designed to meet their needs and horse stall mats that allow them to see any threats to their home, are some of the basic indulgences that owners must provide.

Health Care Products To Kill “maiduhaizhu” Wind – Health Care Products, Packaging,

Health care products to kill “Maiduhuanzhu” wind
Excessive packaging is bright red Huge a mahogany box, with grade silk bedding, placed little trunk and a few Chinese caterpillar fungus, or a few thin pieces American ginseng, this extremely luxurious packaging, brings to mind the fable that the Maiduhaizhu. However, health care products such excessive packaging has been bright red. June 25, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the Joint National Standards Committee on June 25 issued a “limit excessive packaging of goods General (draft)”, layers, and packaging equipment for goods made clear requirements void .

Excessive packaging Two small plates of American ginseng tablet, placed ten times its size in the box; only 15g of the product, after re-wrapped in layers of six, into a weighing 180g, big heavy wooden box ; 30 cm square, a large gift box, which only is only 10 grams of products containing a small bottle … … Last week’s pharmacies and supermarkets in the capital over the counter health care products to see rows of large boxes placed the meantime, many health care products are to a large box, large wooden box or even a large tin show people, but open to read, I find that the “content” itself is less than the weight of hundreds of grams, even only a few grams.

Good fast Dispensary peace in the West Bridge shop reporter saw a series of health care products brand counters are dark red with a square wooden box for packaging. Pharmacy clerk description, said: “the use of wooden box so that even more antique products, but also even more grades,” and some of its built-in, including rare Chinese herbal medicine Cordyceps sinensis, etc., less than a dozen grams. Pharmacies in some high-end stores, reporters saw a more expensive health care products including display, packaging, superior fine degree.

Under “General restrictions on excessive packaging of goods (draft)” the relevant provisions of the domestic cost of all packaging should not exceed 15% of ex-factory price of goods; health care products, cosmetics, alcoholic beverage, cake, tea, Category 5 packaging of goods shall not exceed 3 floors.

“If this new requirement to measure, then the majority of health care products currently on the market there ‘over-packaging’ of the problem.” June 27, Beijing Office large pharmacy Herbs for Chang, general manager, told this reporter. Mr Zhang said that health-care products packaged luxury, mainly to attract consumers in the display on the eyes to achieve the “promotional” purposes, and some had really high-end consumer products, “must be adopted to highlight the luxurious packaging their identity. “

From demand Health care products such “big, luxury” package in the end is the icing on the cake or superfluous? “One dime of the money triangle products of course can not be with the packaging, but a few million of product you can not only packed with a few dollars, right? A good horse with a good saddle better!” 6 27, Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Group ) GmbH Propaganda Department told reporters that the responsible person in the packaging of the Tong Ren Tang “grade theory.”

Part of health care products manufacturer person in charge when interviewed, said product packaging as part of external quality is the “product of Facebook,” won the competition in the market is an important weight. Therefore, health care products manufacturers have attached great importance to product packaging.

Beijing Office Baicao General Zhang said that many health care products positioned on the gift, if you do not attach importance to packaging, it is difficult to attract consumers. “Good people face, the face does not show up is the product grade it? The grade does not appearing is through packaging?” He said, store some “big package” of health care products sales significantly compared to the same “stripped-down” health care products to “much better.”

Reporter made a simple test: in the same stripped-down and Gift Box decorated with two specifications of health care products supermarket, just a half an hour, came to buy the consumer health care products, most of the selected a beautiful Gift Box product. One consumer said, to buy health care products are almost always brought to give as gifts, of course, the more face bigger and more luxurious, as the product inside, “who cares.”

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Tips to Have a Healthy Skin: Avoid toxic Skin Care Products

A right nutrition is important in order to have a youthful, healthty and smooth skin. We are using creams and lotions to help us treating some skin ailments. We took good care of our skin every day in various ways. We listen from our friends’ advices and some recommendations given by experts on what are the proper things to observe to care for your skin. Though there are many skin care products available in the market, try to research first and read some articles that will be guiding you on what would be the best skin care product to use.

First thing to consider, be observant with the ingredients that the product is formulated with. Avoid those toxic chemicals used by some skin care products for it is not good for your skin. In fact, some products are concentrated with cancer-causing derivatives that penetrate your bloodstream, which causes DNA damage that greatly stakes your health. Be cautious and use only those products that are proven to have natural ingredients and free from parabens. 

Our skin also indicates how healthy we are. Wrinkles, acne, oils and some skin inflammations are signs that we are observing an ineffective lifestyle caused by unhealthy diet and insufficient skin nutrients. To treat these skin problems, aside from using skin products as a daily regimen, we should also observe a healthy living like taking enough rest and refrain from unhealthy activities that we usually do.

Always protect your skin from the sun and it is necessary to quit from smoking. One important way of caring for your skin is to protect it from the harmful sun rays. Frequent sun exposure will result to wrinkle formations and it may lead to a serious condition such as skin cancer. Quit smoking as well, for it makes your skin to look older and it also contributes to winkles to develop. Smoking narrows the blood vessels resulting to the decrease of blood flow. More importantly, smoking damages the collagen and elastin which are essential elements to have a healthy and young looking skin.



Fiona Ross, is a self proclaimed consumerist specializing in the skin care industry. She has written many articles from eye care to shampoos and conditioners. The author have had several research on beauty products designed to investigate its effects on one’s health and lifestyle. She had also made several reviews tackling  one such as skin care products. She welcomes all those seeking professional help for their skin.

U.s. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care And Services For Horses, The

U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses, The

Pages : 258

There are approximately 10.5 million equines in the United States, which are used primarily for recreation and entertainment. These horses are responsible for generating over $ 40 billion per year in spending.
In this one-of-a-kind report, we examine:

The Horses: The life of a horse (and the amount of money spent on it) is dramatically different based upon its function. Unlike the majority of dogs and cats, only 7 million of the nations 10.5 million horses are considered pets or companion animals. This report is the first to dissect the horse population by function, and examine each segment individually.

The People: This report scrutinizes horse owners by riding discipline, so that readers can make informed decisions about advertising and marketing based upon the specific demographics of horse owners. However, in many cases the owner is not the person making feeding and care decision, rather it is the trainer or boarding facility manager. This report explains how marketers can understand and influence these key decision makers.

Equines, regardless of their use and value, have basic ongoing needs and often require special services, which we explore in The U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses:

The report examines the top health products companies, as well as second-tier companies. It also takes a look at two significant product categoriesde-worming and ulcer prevention & treatment. Two of the leading parasitologists in the world offer their opinions on what is now considered to be the most critical issue facing horse owners, caretakers, and marketers: ineffective parasite-control products.

Equine feeding is examined, starting with the two market leaders, Purina and Nutrena, and then delving into the regional feed mills. This report also examines hay and hay replacement products and their impact on the shrinking grain concentrates market. Opinions from leading equine nutritionists on equine feeding, including supplements, forage, and concentrates are included.

Largely unregulated, equine services range from necessary (vaccines and hoof care) to frivolous (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic). Other services, such as equine dentistry, are rapidly becoming mainstream as more owners and trainers recognize the importance of proper toothcare in horses.

Current and future trends are analyzed, with an eye on the current economic situation. With each horse costing upwards of $ 2,000 per year, on average, to maintain, The U.S. Equine Market: Feed, Health Care and Services for Horses addresses what impact the sagging economy will have upon the equine market, and what strategies marketers can employ to retain, if not expand, their market shares.

Report Methodology
The information contained in this report was obtained from primary and secondary research spanning nine months. Primary research entailed interviews with market participants and knowledgeable observers in the various segments, as well as interviews with the major (and minor) breed associations and over a dozen rider associations. It also visited feed stores and went to equine events sponsored by healthcare and feed companies. We interviewed equine veterinarians, farriers, dentists, and massage therapists. We even interviewed a couple of horse transporters. We spoke to clinicians, barn managers, trainers, agriculture inspectors, the USDA and agricultural departments on the state level. We even interviewed plant managers at feed mills. In total, almost 100 telephone and in-person interviews were conducted.
Secondary research included information- and data-gathering from relevant consumer business and trade publications including: The Horse, Horse-Journal.com, Feedstuffs, Tack n Togs, EQUUS, Practical Horseman, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman, Natural Horse, Equine Wellness, Stable Management, Hay and Forage Grower, GrainNet, Feed Management, AllAboutFeed.net, Veterinary Practice News, DVM News, Journal of Veterinary Science, Veterinary Forum, and JAVMA. New product announcements and advertising were of exceptional interest, and readership poll data from online subscribers to The Horse proved to be invaluable as an up-to-the-minute barometer on equine caregivers opinions and practices.
We obtained direct-mail pieces from equine veterinarians in an effort to determine what company is mailing what. Extensive reviews of companies websites and marketing materials were conducted in order to compile product information.
This report also includes 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey data made available on an exclusive basis by the American Pet Products Association (formerly the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, prior to its name change in 2008). The 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey was expanded to include 280 statistically relevant in-depth interviews with horse owners across the United States. It is the most current and up-to-date survey of its kind, and a must-have for any company involved in equine products and marketing. Brakke Consulting and Fountain AgriCounsel LLC also provided valuable information for use in this report.
We also incorporated information from The American Horse Councils landmark study, released in 2005.

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Insurance Will Always Stay As Insurance

With regards to one of the current hottest topic in the financial industry is “Insurance” vs “Investment”. If you were to ask me, in my opinion and being in this industry, I would say that Insurance is never an Investment. It is totally two different things.

So, I cannot believe how my peers in this industry actually go out there, acting as an Investment Professional, hard-selling products as Investment Product towards clients. In my very own opinion, I would say that this practise can be regarded as mis-selling.

Why? Why is a question you would ask me? We are professionals to design and cater for the assurance needs of the client and not investment needs. Although we have an option for clients which are called “Invesment-Linked Policies”, our priority is to cater for the client’s assurance or protection needs, investment needs is secondary.

So, what is my flow when I meet my clients?

Simple, my very first question to them will be, “What is your motive in owning insurance? Protection or Capital Accumulation?”. From here, I will then do the proper fact finding to design and cater a solution for the client’s specific needs. Whatever policies that the client is about to own will be based on their needs.

I am sad to say that most of the agents out there do not practise this but instead, hard-selling and product pushing is practised. Sad? It is far worst than sad if you can see how it turned out to be for the client. I have a number of transferred cases to me with the request coming from the clients and oh boy, how shocked am I to see the type of policies that are owned by them. Not only I am shocked, they are too when I presented it and did a policy review with them.

I have one transferred case client that wishes to be covered on Accidental Dismemberment but instead she was told by her previous agent to own an Investment-Linked Policy with Accidental Dismemberment rider attached which requires her to input a premium of SG$ 150/month while the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy only requires SG$ 17/month. Oh boy was she shocked when I presented it to her because the agent did not even bother to show her the difference between the two policies and she solely thought that the policy she owns is only for Accidental Dismemberment. Angry? Yes she is, to the point that she requested to surrender the policy with losses even after I explained and advised her not to. She still insisted on surrendering it and moved on with owning the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy that she originally wishes to own with my assistance.

Sometimes, people choose to be blinded by agents that are specially gifted to have the ability to have a smooth and sweet talking style whose only priority is their own sales quota and company incentives instead of choosing the ones who can come out with facts and figures for logic. Now, who is to blame?

Now, getting back to the point of Insurance will always stay as Insurance. Anything that comes out from an Insurance/Assurance Company will always be Insurance. This applies to all types of policies including Investment-Linked Policies.

What’s the difference? The only difference in Investment-Linked Policies is that, instead of the company investing the premiums from you for the non-guaranteed returns on top of the sum assured, you now have the power of allocating the premiums in any of the available funds and have full control of the non-guaranteed returns.

Now, when the term “Non-Guaranteed” is mentioned, everyone gets afraid? Why? First understand why the term is used in the first place. It is because, the interest for the returns are always fluctuating. Hence, the term “Non-Guaranteed” is used. Even your savings account gives you a “Non-Guaranteed” interest rate. So why should you be afraid of the term?

A quote from Warren Buffett, “The only risk in life, is when you do not know what you are doing.”

A strong quote but a lot of people do not adhere to it. They own something without knowing what it is all about. They purchase an investment product and not knowing the architecture of it. They listen to their “trusted” agent / broker and not knowing what it is all about. When the bubble has burst, who is to blame?

So people, listen! Be it if you happen to receive a cold-call, someone comes knocking on your door or even you meet someone at a road-show. Listen, find-out, be informed and do not own insurance blindly. Ask every single detail on what it is all about before signing on the doted lines.

To end this off, again I will say that Insurance will always stay as Insurance because for the matter of fact that I can assure you, Insurance will never make you rich but it does guarantee that you will not be poor when you are old or critically ill.

I do not sell insurance and will never sell. My job is to assist my clients to own it, if there is a need.

Yours Sincerely,
Ash Ariffin
Email: pru.101@insurer.com
Web: http://pru101.blogspot.com

Ash Ariffin – http://pru101.blogspot.com